Telecom Towers
Camouflaged Solution

EMK TOWER contains a dynamic team with almost 16 years of experience in the calculation, design, modeling and preparation of plans (Greenfield towers, masts, monopoles, guyed towers and camouflaged structures). The EMK TOWER research office is run by a French and English speaking person, which allows the editing of files in Turkish , French and English language as well.

Our Capabilities:
EMK ENGINEERING Uses (RFEM) for design according the international standards such as Eurocodes (EC1- EC3), American standards (EIA 222 G) and French standards (CM66&NV65).

EMK TOWER’s Design and detailing department makes use of Solidworks. SW is a visual 3D modelling package that provides the accurate and integrated way to manage detailing of all the steel structures we design and erect.

Focus on accuracy
Essentially, we create a detailed 3D of our steel structure. This method is extremely accurate since it allows us to inspect the steelwork before it is fabricated. It also creates a better understanding of the project and allows for smooth co-ordination between different departments and contractors working on the structure.

Our erection drawings portray detailed dimensioned plans and specify the location of each steel component within overall structure, the requirements for installing them and all the associated field work such as installing bolts, and wedge anchors.

Optimum efficiency
We spend a lot of time and effort with our steel structure detailing as we believe that time put up front in the planning stages of every structural project always results in a superior workflow, cost efficiencies and timely meeting of all deadlines. We provide you with the following lists:

✓ Assembly Part Lists
✓ Bolt Assembly List
✓ Ordering Lists
✓ Bolt Lists (Complete and per assembly)
✓ Drawing Transmittal Lists

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