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Radome Monopole Tower

Telecommunication radome monopole tower is designed to self supporting mobile networking, wireless communication, television antennas, and radio broadcasting.

EMK TOWER offer 2 types of Radome Monopole Tower :

✓ Radome Monopole tower with internal access
✓ Radome Monopole tower with nacelle access

Our Specifications :

✓ The most common heights manufactured are between 10m to 40m but may extend beyond that depending on the requirement.
Design wind speed : Between 120 to 220 km/h
Antenna Deflection Limit : Between 0.5 to 2 degree
✓ Structural steel design is calculated according most recent International Standard (EIA, Eurocode, NV65, BS)
Materials specification will be: 

• High Tensile Steel is according to EN10025. S355J0 or equivalent steel is according to EN10025. S235JR (equivalent to 43B), ASTM A36 grade 36 or equivalent.
• Bolts are according to DIN931 and 931.
• All structure Components are hot dip galvanized according to EN ISO 1461.
• Anchor bolts are according to DIN 976.
• Fiber glass panels
• Anchor bolts are according to DIN 976.

Tower Basis :

✓ Camouflaged main structure with tower bolts.
✓ Antenna brackets
✓ Fiber glass panels
✓ Anchorage template with anchorage bolts.


Optional accessories :

✓ Antenna brackets
✓ Internal vertical ladder with vertical cable tray support.
✓ Working platform inside
✓ Footrest every 15m
✓ Life line system
✓ Grounding and Lightning protection
✓ Obstruction light
✓ Horizontal cable tray

For new request, please send us complete specifications (Height, Wind load, Deflection, Antenna load, Standard, etc..) with accessories requested (feel free to indicate the quantity for each)

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